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Quicken/ReckonAccounts Personal crashes when adding an invoice or estimate
ID: 4797 Category: Accounts - Personal Range (previously Quicken) Status: Resolved Views: 840


Why does Quicken/ReckonAccounts Personal crash when adding an invoice or estimate?



You will experience this issue when:

         the number of invoices and estimates reaches the limit for the Invoice/Estimates List of 1,500;

         The Tax Control account has been moved or hidden;




Invoice/Estimate List has reached 1,500 names

You will need to create a new datafile.  Archive data from before this financial year.

1.    File > File Operations > Year-End Copy;

2.    Under Current Data File click on I only want transactions in my current data file starting with this date: and enter the first date for this file eg: 1/7/20x1;

3.    Under Archive Data file:

a.    For Give the archive file a name and location: select a location and if desired alter the default name;

b.    For This archive data file will contain transactions up to an including: enter the day before the first day of the new file eg: 30/6/20x1;

4.    Click OK to carry out the process;

5.    When complete, choose to open the Current file.


Tax control Account has been moved

Move the Tax Control Account back to Business

1.    Right click Tax Control > Edit;

2.    In Account Location, select Business:Business Tax

  1. Click OK to save


Tax control account has been hidden

Show the Tax Control Account:

1.    Tools > Account List > Manage Accounts;

2.    Untick the Hide Account box on the Tax Control line;

  1. Click Close to save and close. 


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Submitted: 9/01/2013 Modified: 11/10/2013

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