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Error - Unable to open email message store, when sending an email from QuickBooks
ID: 4430 Category: Accounts - Business Range - Desktop & Hosted (previously QuickBooks) Status: Resolved Views: 2780


Why do I get the error “Unable to open email message store” when I try to email from QuickBooks?


The error means that the email client has not been able to find essential components of its programme.  This will happen if the email client is installed but not configured for operation. 

Most likely this computer has Microsoft Office Outlook installed but not configured as you are using another email client like Windows Live Mail, but the default email client for this computer has been selected as Office Outlook.

Although you have correctly configured Quickbooks for use with your preferred email client (in this case Live Mail), Quickbooks will contact the default email client (in this case Office Outlook). 



Set your default email client to your preferred email client.

When using Windows 7 and Live Mail, but Office Outlook is the default email client:

1.    Start > Default Programs > Set your default programs

2.    Highlight Windows Live Mail

3.    Click on Set this program as default

4.    Click OK to finish. 

Your computer is now set to use Windows Live Mail as its default email client.

Test by sending an email from QuickBooks. 

If the problem persists, examine your Outlook installation:
1.   Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14;
2.   right click Outlook.exe > Properties > Compatibility tab;
3.   clear the check box that reads ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’
4.   click OK and restart Outlook.

Now try sending emails from QuickBooks again. 

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Submitted: 22/02/2012 Modified: 18/02/2014

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